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Your electromagnetic radiance should be continuous and should be creatively high. That’s why there is discipline. That’s why we do sadhana. That is what dharma is. A dharmic woman will be radiant, very shining, very bright-faced, very attractive, very real. Don’t do sadhana for your husband, and don’t do sadhana for anything else. Do sadhana for yourself. If you cannot get up in the morning at 3 o’clock, if you don’t take your cold shower, if you don’t massage your body, if you don’t do all those things, you pay during the day. Everything is in balance. If you don’t sharpen the knife, what do you think you can cut with it? If you don’t sharpen your mind, if you do not shine your soul, what are you going to do during the day?

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/31/84

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