Khalsa Warrior Retreat

Tarquinia, Italy

English, Italiano

This distinctive (Neara) seminar aims to sparkle the Khalsa experience through chanting the Naad of Guru Gobind Singh, moving powerfully and gracefully with Gatka, daily practice of Kundalini yoga and with aimed uplifting lectures that will inspire Chardikala. Aquarian morning sadhana with live music will start the glorious day of the saint -soldier. We will have enough free time to explore the local area around Tarquinia: the ancient fortress, the Etruscan ruins, and the Tarquinian beach and relax in our private swimming pool at the property.

Arrival is on the 20th of September (daytime) not earlier than 16.00, with an Opening class in the evening. The program includes full days from the 21 to the 24th of September. Departures 25th of September aSer sadhana and a brunch ending at 10:30.

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Taught by

Siri Kartar Kaur Khalsa (Italy / US) Hari Nam Singh Khalsa (Mexico / US) and Gourmet Chef Sat Nam Kaur (US / Italy)

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In person




Khalsa Rhytms - Khalsa Society - Khalsa Consciousness

Starts at

4:00 pm. Ends at - Time zone: Italy - Find your time zone here.



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