Yogi Bhajan Birthday 24 Hour Celebration

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Our Global Sangat is joining forces to host a 24-hour online event to celebrate the birthday of our Beloved Teacher.

This 24-hour celebration will begin at 5:00 am EDT/Chile time with our annual tradition of doing a special sadhana of 2.5 hours of “Long Ek Ong Kars”. Directly following will be 21.5 hours of chanting to Guru Ram Das.

We invite you to lead 30 minutes of the Guru Ram Das Chanting. You can sign up here to lead.

Visit www.worldtimebuddy.com to find your local time zone.

Here are instructions for the “Long Ek Ong Kar” meditation.

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Global Sangat Members

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Students of Yogi Bhajan

Starts at

5:00 am. Ends at - Time zone: EDT/Chile - Find your time zone here.

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