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84 Aspects of Siri Singh Sahib Ji

S. Wahe Guru Kaur Khalsa

I had the unique opportunity of serving as a bodyguard to a spiritual master, Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Harbhajan Singh Klalsa Yogiji, popularly known as Yogi Bhajan, There were thousands of lectures and transcriptions of his teachings, but few publications which actually demonstrated his endless compulsion to teach, correct, uplift, and provoke all people he met towards higher consciousness. This then, is a collection which describes his teaching- not "in class", but in "the living room", within his personal, social, and political obligations. This I hope shows a man who was at every breath, a constant diagonal energy; in essence: a brilliant spiritual teacher. I offer these poems as a form of gratitude for my own awakening which occurred through serving and studying him.

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PublisherWhite Lion Press
Publication year 1991
ISBN 0-9615707-3-3
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