A Tango With Truth

S.S. Sat Kartar Kaur Khalsa-Ramey

The central themes in my papers revolve around truth. Truth is multi-faceted; it is personal as well as universal. At the personal level truth is discovered in the experience of living congruently with one’s words, thoughts, and actions. At this level it is not an intellectual or idealized view of living, but rather an enfleshment of our belief and daily practice. Truth is a progressive journey which is partially achieved, deepened, and received in each encounter with Self, God and others. Therefore, truth for me necessitates full participation in life. At the universal level, truth can be seen in themes and motifs which cross cultures and religious beliefs. As such, Truth is ultimate, transcendent, and divine, but also immanent and experiential. In this way truth is fluid. Thus, truth is the authentic expression of self in relation to God, Self and others. My theories, therefore, are a natural result of my pursuit for truth in my ministry and supervision.

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Publication year 1999
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