Addictions & Cravings – Their Psychological Meanings

Narayan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.

As the title suggests, this is a book about the meanings of having various addictions and cravings. Put succinctly, the body is like the densest component of our conciousness expression. When all else fails to get the point across to us, our bodies falter in the areas vulnerable to the issues at hand. And when this happens, illnesses and afflictions happen to tell us what we are not getting by less drastic communications. So when our body fails us, we need to listen to hear what the message is. It is for this reason that this and the other books by the same author about "bodily communications" ("Illnesses and Ailments"; "Allergies and Aversions") were written. They are like "translation codes" to help us hear the message our body is trying to convey. They reflect the evolution-based universal collective linkages of the physical body's manifestation with the emotional, mental, functional, symbolic, mythologic and spiritual realms as they have become fused over the millenia.

Publication year 1991
Page quantity 315