Animal Activities – Their Psycho-Symbolic Meaning – Volume Two

Narayan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.

This is a "dictionary" of the "meanings" of "Close Encounters of Any Kind" with animals. That is, it is intended to assist you in interpreting what are the implications of significant contacts with animals in your life, ranging from recurrent events to notable single occurences. There is a wide variety of ways in which animals figure in your life in what could be characterized as "significant" ways. For instance, there is what will be called the "leitmotif" or "life theme" type of thing, where the animal is forever coming up in your experience like a bad penny, as they say. In other words, "Every time I look around, there it is that hairy hound!". The animal is forever showing up in your process as dreams, symbols, encounters and/or practical realities.

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Publication year 1991
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