Death The End and The Beginning

Guru Terath Kaur Khalsa P.H.D

Growing up as a Protestant in the United States, I received a definite philosophy about life and death. These things weren't openly discussed but the messages were nonetheless clear. Birth was the beginning, death was the end. There was some grand etheric talk about a place called heaven, where a few blessed ones were granted admission, but the overlying message was understood - birth was the beginning and was a joyous occasion; death was the end and was a sad, morbid and dreaded occurrence. Death was definitely not talked about. It was only brought out of the closet when absolutely necessary. Death was somewhat welcomed, or perhaps accepted, if one was old and had lived a long, rich life. The death of someone with good qualities, the death of a child or a young person was looked upon as being a tragedy, a waste and somehow an injustice. My conditioning about death was not unusual; it merely reflected the societal attitude of this inevitable condition which strikes down (or greets) every living creature.

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Publication year 1990
Includes Meditations
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