Energy Maps – Journey Through The Chakras

Guru Darshan Kaur

This book is a collection of notes I used to teach Energy Maps, a Chakra Course, in February 1991, at the Altadena Ashram. At this point, on my journey as a teacher and student of Kundalini Yoga, I have relied on other teachers and writers, completely, for information on the chakras. All of the exercises (sets/ kriyas) are derived from Yogi Bhajan, compiled in the two volume set "Kundalini Yoga Sacred Krivas & Meditations" by Kundalini Yoga Systems, (Paris Amesterdam 1982, version), lent to me by my Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law, Sadhana Kaur and Sat Jivan Singh Khalsa. I promise to return their book, someday, (when I am done), their generosity is deeply appreciated.

Available formats Printed - ringed
Publication year 1991
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Includes kriyas
Includes Meditations
Page quantity 127