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Foods for Health & Healing

Yogi Bhajan

Stay healthy with simples, delicious foods. Get healthy with time-proven remedies. Heighten your sexual potency. A natural way to youth, beauty, and vitality. Strengthening, nourishing foods for children. This unique book contains a wealth of knowledge on food and health. Yogi Bhajan combines ancient Indian medical teachings with his own practical experience as a master of the healing arts and a master chef. What to eat, when to eat it, and why to eat it - plus simple, sensible guidelines on how to prepare, serve and digest the food you eat. There are uniquely informative sections on special foods for men, women, and children, with recipes and recommendations you'll find nowhere else. You'll also find food remedies that may be helpful in treating such common ailments as colds, flu, arthritis, constipation, impotency, indigestion, lower back pain, liver problems, and more. Whether you're trying to be healthy or stay healthy, this book will prove to be an invaluable companion. A collection of time-tested recipes and remedies for everything from increased vitality and sexual health to eating for your body type to women's and children's needs. Begin changing your life by changing your diet-let Yogi Bhajan's nourishing recipes guide you to a healthy, happy, and holy tomorrow. Foods for Health and Healing is a guide to ancient remedies which have been used over the years. They are not proven cures. They should be employed judiciously and, in the case of mono diets or prolonged fasts, with competent medical supervision. In the case of serious illness, a doctor should be consulted.

Available formats Printed - softcover (paperback)
PublisherKundalini Research Institute
Publication year 1983
ISBN 978-0913852156
Includes Recipies
Page quantity 140