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From Vegetables, With Love

Siri Ved Kaur Khalsa

The book for everybody who likes to eat and wants to be healthy, happy and feel great! Over 260 recipes! Many recipes with low-to-no oil, dairy products, wheat, or salt. Incredibly delicious desserts, scrumptious cakes, pies and sweets, made without eggs or refined sugar. Do you like Mexican food? How about Italian? Indian? Good ol' All-American? Discover vegetable- and grain-based dishes from around the world that will knock your socks off with flavor! Cooking for a crowd? A special chapter, "The Community Kitchen," is devoted to all kinds of recipes for 40-100 servings. Plenty of helpful tips, including how to fry without oil, make your own yogurt, roast peppers and make stuffed chapatis. Over 35 recipes by the master of yogic cooking, Yogi Bhajan: delicious, nurturing foods for health, youthful radiance and energy. Create, partake & enjoy!

Available formats Printed - softcover (paperback)
PublisherArcline Publications, G.T International
Publication year 1989
ISBN 0-89509-085-1
Includes Recipies
Page quantity 220