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Yogi Bhajan

ESSENTIAL KRIYAS FOR WOMAN IN THE AQUARIAN AGE This yoga manual accompanies the "I Am A Woman" reader and has been organized by topic so that you can focus on a particular discipline within your own practice, generate weekend workshops for your students, or create an entire curriculum for an in-depth experience of the women's teachings over time. Yogi Bhajan taught for more than 35 years here in the United States and abroad, many of those years were spent beneath the cottonwood trees of Hacienda de Guru Ram Das in Espanola, New Mexico, teaching specifically to women who had gathered there to study with the Master, developing their physical strength and their inner radiance, so that they could return home to serve and be a light to the world. Out of that bounty, the editors had the difficult task of selecting those kriyas, meditations and sound current practices that will serve and elevate women now and throughout the Aquarian Age. As comprehensive as this manual is, it remains just a sampling of all the technology available to women within the tradition of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. We hope it whets your appetite for more. This yoga manual is the companion volume to the reader, I Am a Woman: Creative, Sacred & Invincible and the DVD Series I Am a Woman: Practicing Kindness. They work together to provide a survey of Yogi Bhajan's essential teachings for women: Part One of the reader addresses a woman's infinity, sensitivity and radiance; Part Two addresses a woman's innate power to heal herself and those around her through applied intelligence and prayer; Part Three addresses woman in polarity, those relationships and cycles that inform and transform her life; Part Four addresses a woman's physical well-being and beauty within. The yoga manual breaks the four primary parts of the reader into 14 chapters by topic so that you can focus on a particular discipline within your own practice, generate weekend workshops for your students, or when paired in-depth with the reader, create an entire curriculum for a richer experience of the women's teachings over time. Each chapter includes a vigorous kriya or two, several meditations and a mantra or sound-current practice to connect you to the divine within you. Our goal was to provide a primer of sorts: a way for women new to 3HO to access the core teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and a tool for teachers and trainers to present these teachings in a comprehensive and accessible way. This book will uplift you and your practice; but it is in no way meant to overwhelm you. So, if you're new to these teachings, relax. Choose one thing and excel at it. Yogi Bhajan had no patience for fanatics. He was so prolific that in fact, if you look at everything, he said to do every day, it is said to take more than 48 hours to do it all. By making it impossible, he made possible the principle of self-initiation. You choose. Cultivate a practice that works with your lifestyle, be open to challenging yourself with those technologies that make you uncomfortable, come face to face with your hidden agendas, break with old patterns and habits that no longer serve you, and continually confront your weaknesses and transform them into strengths; but more than anything, be kind, to yourself and others—this is the true yoga. Of the technologies presented, a few are specifically for women—and will have a note to that effect. The others are drawn from a wide range of lectures and classes by Yogi Bhajan, over the course of many years. Although they may not be specifically for women, they provide the tools necessary to becoming your best Self—a radiant, powerful, graceful woman. Try everything. Think of it as a taster's menu. Even if the sound current practices seem unfamiliar and foreign, dive in. Experiment. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is not a path of blind faith; it is a path of experience and awareness. Awaken to your own experience, engage your sensory body, and notice the effects that a simple mantra can make in a stressful situation, or the grace that comes from listening to a shabd 11 times a day. These are technologies that elevate the human psyche to its excellence; they're not presented here as a form within a particular religion but rather as an expression of devotion to the Guru (wisdom) within—that same inner teacher that we tune-in to each time we open our practice with the mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. Open yourself to the harmony and peace within, vibrate the cosmos, and align yourself with your Highest Self and the company of like-minded, spiritual people. In this way, you will enter the Aquarian Age with the hope of a better tomorrow and a happier today. Combined with a close reading of the lectures and stories in the companion volume and DVD Series, we hope these teachings elevate you to your Highest Self, that you may serve the Aquarian Age with consciousness, integrity, intelligence and grace. Yogi Bhajan often said that without these teachings—the women's teachings—there would be no Aquarian Age. You, as a woman, are the key to the graceful transition from the qualities of the Piscean Age—the acquisition of power and knowledge, and the reliance on material security—to the qualities of the Aquarian Age—creativity, community, transparency, and reliance upon Infinity. This transformation calls us all to a higher level of consciousness, neutrality and shared virtues and values. Start the conversation in your own community, your own family. Begin the dialogue that will transform not only yourself and those around you, but the entire world. Repeat the affirmation: I am a woman; I am the Grace of God and with those words bless yourself and bless the world. SAT PURKH KAUR KHALSA EDITOR

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