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Kundalini Yoga for Youth & Joy

Yogi Bhajan

Introduction This Yoga manual is the result of a six-week Kundalini Yoga course taught by Yogi Bhajan at Khalsa Women's Training Camp in Espanola, New Mexico, in the summer of 1983. Though originally taught to women, these exercises are intended for men as well. Yogi Bhajan is a Master of the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga. This manual gives a practical, step by step approach on how to develop a youthful body, an alert mind and a vibrant projection. The exercises will leave you feeling healthy and energetic, with renewed enthusiasm for life. A body which is strong, flexible and radiant need not be young in years, as a stiff, slow, fragile body need not be advanced in age. An aging body is a body out of tune, out of shape and most often is the result of the inability to handle mental and physical stresses in the environment. Each system of the body- muscular, nervous, glandular, digestive, circulatory-is built up, stimulated and balanced so that you can experience your power and the flow of your energy as a complete human being. As Yogi Bhajan explained: There is no virtue in letting your body get stiff. When we leave the muscles unused for a long time, they start deteriorating and create a pressure on the living muscle cells. That is how we start getting older and weaker. The worst of it all is that our capacity to think and react and act to balance out our intuitive psyche also gets weaker and weaker. The whole of the physical system, the physiology, the muscles and the rhythm of the body have to be understood to keep all parts in balance. Towards that goal, I am going to work hard with you this summer. This is a very old and sophisticated system. It creates results which will be everlasting. You will build up your body and your muscles, and you will be very limber and very, very flexible. Gradually, one by one, we will work on all the main organs in the body: the glands, the circulation, the nerves, the muscles and the body constitution, and you will be surprised at the feelings and the changes which you have not experienced before. Acknowledgements: The teachings in this manual are the gift of Yogi Bhajan, who brought the technology of Kundalini Yoga to the West. Our gratitude to him is infinite. Any errors or omissions in the following pages are entirely the fault of the Editors and by no means reflect upon the perfection and comprehensiveness of these teachings. We also wish to thank the women of Khalsa Women's Training Camp, Summer 1983, who helped in the preparation of this manuscript.

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PublisherKundalini Research Institute
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ISBN 978-0972011068
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