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Praana, Praanee, Praanayam: Exploring the Breath Technology of Kundalini Yoga

Yogi Bhajan

A comprehensive, in-depth collection of classic as well as never before published breath techniques given by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga. Up to 100 different meditations using various types of praanayam practices: segmented breath, whistle breath, sipping the breath, and more. Clear and concise instructions on the bhandas-the locks-which support the breath and its movement, and fascinating tips from Yogi Bhajan s teachings on the vayus, the nadis, praana and apaana, Breath of Fire, suspending the breath on the inhalation and exhalation, and much more. Come to understand Praana and yourself as a Praanee in an entirely new way; explore the hundreds of praanayam practices and become a master of the breath-and in turn, master your life! Edited and illustrated by Hari Jot Kaur. We first enter this life as spirit and then we are born. We spend our early years learning how to function in a physical body and in material circumstances. This allows us to survive, but there comes a time when we must understand and reclaim our spirit, our energetic nature. Essentially, we must know ourselves as praanee, creatures who live by praana, the basic life energy of the universe. To make this shift, we need to expand our understanding of our energy blueprint. And to understand, we must first experience. Praana, Praanee, Praanayam is a collection of Yogi Bhajan's quotes and kriyas gathered from lectures throughout his 35-year teaching career in the West. Yogi Bhajan is a Master of praanic energy and these quotes and kriyas can help you to understand and experience who you truly are in the universe of praana. All of the meditations and exercises are from Yogi Bhajan's teachings. Where I thought some additional information would be helpful, I have included some general yogic background text and some commentary. Almost all of the quotations are his, but if you are curious, there are Endnotes at the back of the book, which will tell you the source of the quotation. Yogic commentary will be labeled as such and will be in a smaller typeface. Background information is not in quotations marks and does not have an Endnote.

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PublisherKundalini Research Institute
Publication year 2006
ISBN 978-0972011075
Includes kriyas
Includes Meditations
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