Projection Manifestations of The Unconscious

Georgene Felicia - Guru Amrit Kaur

The topic of projection was chosen for this thesis for a variety of reasons. Projection is a very important process of the unconscious, extending an all pervading influence upon communication and relationships. The unconscious reveals a number of dynamics leading to a deeper, richer, and more intimate understanding of oneself and one's interactions with others. I chose the model of Analytical Psychology because of the wealth of cross-cultural and multi-disciplinarian references that it employes in research. The value of Analytical Psychology is the value that it places upon the individual as a whole person, a person attempting to come into wholeness. Not only are a clients presenting symptoms and issues addressed in the Analytical Model, but the factors which underlay the issues, the unconscious symbolic expressions which the client has developed are addressed.

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Publication year 1987
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