Spiritual Beings / Human Experience

Har Darshan Kaur Khalsa

The Spiritual aspects of Illness, Dying, and Death. Some of the most challenging aspects of being human include the experiences of illness, dying, and death. To gracefully and successfully move through these life experiences, it can be helpful to have a guide that will help us through the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of these physical journeys. This degree project paper documents my own and others’ experiences with these topics. An important focus is answering the questions, “What kind of support is needed to glean the gifts held in the experiences of illness, dying, and death? What kind of psychological and spiritual perspectives can help to smooth the path?” The answers to these questions can be crucial to helping those who are ill to recover, as well as making the process of death easier for the dying and their loved ones. It is my hope that this paper and the work that follows it will enhance the quality of life for someone, through clearly and compassionately looking at illness and mortality.

Available formats Printed - Thesis (Academic)
Publication year 2000
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