Category: Yogi Bhajan quotes on Dealing with Crisis

When you feel the urge for a stimulant, take seven long deep breaths, holding each inhalation to the maximum. Or, do Breath of Fire. It is the most powerful remedy! If you do a half-hour of Breath of Fire every day, there are a lot of troubles that you can keep miles away.

–Yogi Bhajan, Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga: Flow the Eternal Power, p.101, 10/07/2004

The reality is there is nobody who can limit you. There is nobody who can damage you. Your existence is not bound in time and space. You always have a choice of how you project your mind.

–Yogi Bhajan, The Mind, 10/07/2004

When I came from India, I went through a family crisis. I had a very serious crisis, the worst of life. For me, there was only one decision: I’ll confront it to the full extent, but I’ll not give in.

–Yogi Bhajan, 2/16/03

All great people have neutral existence and then compassion brings them the intuition and they can see through things. This intelligence combined with gratitude gives them the way to get out of the calamity.

–Yogi Bhajan, 3/3/98

In life there comes challenge, confrontation and calamity. These three together come to a person face to face. If that person is diplomatic, compassionate and impersonal, one can walk through the above three just like a swift wind.

–Yogi Bhajan, 3/3/98

Once you have calamity, give that calamity to God who has sent it, and take happiness home.

–Yogi Bhajan, 8/4/97

If God puts you into bad environments, worst environments, tragic environments, horrible environments, all calamities, insults, tragedies—it’s just for you to face it and win.

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/20/96

When calamity comes this is how I get out of it. I say, ‘Okay God, this is a calamity. Thank you for remembering me for that, now enjoy it, I am going to go to sleep’.

–Yogi Bhajan, 4/30/96

Consciously ask your intuition to show you the path. Consciously ask your courage to face the calamity. Ask your grace to face the insecurity. Ask your breath of life to face the depression. Rise, rise and excel.

–Yogi Bhajan, 6/30/94

I know, as the Age of Aquarius will proceed, many families will face tragedies. Things will go rough and wrong. I am not warning you unnecessarily. I am trying to explain to you very smartly a survival way to relate, to understand, to acknowledge the power of the shabad. Pain is in ego, and shabad is that permutation and combination of such words which totally kills the ego.

–Yogi Bhajan, 11/21/93