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May God bless us with dignity, with consciousness, with grace. May God gives us prosperity, health, wealth, happiness and love. May there be peace in the world, peace in our families, peace in our lives, peace in our selves. May you all prosper, be graceful and find excellence in your life. May the life come to you as a song of love and joy. Sat Nam

–Yogi Bhajan, 12/9/90
Category: Prayers

The greatest thing you can praise is yourself. As you stand before the mirror and look into it, you look to yourself as a woman. You look to yourself as a graceful woman. You look to yourself as a competent, intelligent woman. You can give thanks for it. It should be so automatic with you. It should be so real.

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/31/84

Touch a person, hold a person and then carry a person. You can’t drag anybody. You can’t lean on anybody. Carry them, simply and truthfully. And what are the words that dignify the carrying? Can you repeat after me? “I am with you.” That’s all. One line, “I am with you.”

–Yogi Bhajan, 12/20/97

A Teacher is an artist, with hammer and chisel. Whenever you meet a Teacher, God, there will be a spark. At the first introduction of you and your Teacher, you are going to find what is wrong with you. Mostly you will not like to hear that. You’ll skip that person. You are most welcome to skip it, but you do not know that you have lost that one chance which the soul was promised.

–Yogi Bhajan, 07-29-1996

First of all, the Teacher is a dedicated person. He’s a channel through which the knowledge flows. He or she is not the knowledge. It’s the student who drinks it. The Teacher is not the knowledge, he’s the giver of the knowledge. The student is the taker of the knowledge. Why should we mix our ego with it and change it?

–Yogi Bhajan, 4/26/97

It’s very important that you should know you and it’s most important that everybody should know you as trustworthy, honorable, graceful, steadfast, serviceful, kind and compassionate. These are a few faculties of a Teacher.

–Yogi Bhajan, 4/23/97

I would like to explain something to you. It is not a good thing to become a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and mix other things. When you practice Kundalini Yoga, you stay with it only. Remember that.

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/23/96

You are a fountain of love, blessing, grace, bounty, beauty, and bliss, but you seek from your student public relations, admiration, appreciation. And then you proudly say that such-and-such model and such-and-such actor and such-and-such this comes to your classes. What do you teach, acting or reality?

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/23/96

You think that when you love somebody you have to totally follow him or her. No, that’s not love. When you love somebody, you have to be totally truthful with that person.

–Yogi Bhajan, 8/4/81

Intuition is the only factor given by God to protect ourselves. Intuition will give us the intelligence and the consciousness to protect ourselves. We can do it in a second, but if we don’t develop it, then what?

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/21/87