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Resolve your inner crisis before you resolve your outer crisis. If there’s a fire in the house and you run out to extinguish the fire of the neighbors, by the time you come back you won’t have a home. So do not reason with the outer world until you reason with your inner world.

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/15/87

When you don’t give anybody anything you will never be prosperous. The first principle of life as a human is to be loving. You must meet people. You must receive people. You must talk to people. You must share your wisdom with people. If your love is true and true is your love, then all that is in the Universe belongs to you. Love first, everything will come to you.

–Yogi Bhajan, 6/28/01

Let us sit down for one minute and meditate and do a peace prayer and then end. Please close your eyes and inhale, hold the breath and pray that all the war drums which we are hearing and the times which are harsh—may this breath, when joined with the universal breath, bring peace to the Earth and mankind. Please hold the breath and pray sincerely. Let it go. Inhale again, hold the breath dear to your heart, near to your heart, and please pray for the peace and prosperity of all you know and don’t know. Let it go. Breathe again, hold it dear to your heart, near to your heart and please pray, please pray for peace and prosperity of the known and the unknown, of the friends and the foes together. It takes only one prayer to change the events and the time and the space. Let it go.

–Yogi Bhajan, 5/4/82
Category: Prayers

People are in pain, and they need the pain alleviated. They need to know that you can see that pain. If a person is hungry, first feed him. To a starving person, food is God. Once he is satisfied and a little secure, he can consider the possibility that God is food. The ability to apply consciousness will make you a good teacher.

–Yogi Bhajan, Aquarian Teacher, p. 265, 10/07/2004

A man who has an all-consuming ego will never become a Teacher because he will never become a student.

–Yogi Bhajan, 07-29-1996

When calamity comes this is how I get out of it. I say, ‘Okay God, this is a calamity. Thank you for remembering me for that, now enjoy it, I am going to go to sleep’.

–Yogi Bhajan, 4/30/96

May you create peace within your being, understand your strength, create a relationship with your own soul and find the personal, impersonal, and universal truth in your actions. May this day bring you the light of life and may you understand you are here to be here with joy, happiness, and prayer. May you all be blessed. Sat Nam.

–Yogi Bhajan, 2/8/99
Category: Prayers

There is no reaching of the God, God is within us. We are born as spiritual beings, to learn to be human, not vice versa. The only way you can reach God is when you are at peace.

–Yogi Bhajan, 6/3/02

Once you have calamity, give that calamity to God who has sent it, and take happiness home.

–Yogi Bhajan, 8/4/97

Where there’s love there’s no limit; where there’s a limit, there’s no love.

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/13/82