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Mankind has to drop the war tendencies and come to realize that peace is the only way. We have to give peace a chance and that’s all for us.

–Yogi Bhajan, 6/10/89

So, the first principle of a Teacher is, “I am not.” If you cannot practice shuniaa you cannot be a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. Shuniaa means zero. The moment you become zero, then all powers will prevail through you. The moment you become that, then everything radiates from you.

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/23/96

You will never find a community leader who doesn’t know how to give—Seva. Giving is the only way. Don’t give only to those who ask. Give to those who don’t ask. Keep on giving. Become a giver. Your faculty and God’s faculty will become the same. That’s absolute divinity.

–Yogi Bhajan, 9/4/01

We call Christ the Prince of Peace; we call Buddha the Sattvai Buddha of peace; we call Guru Nanak the giver of peace; we call Mohammed the messenger of peace. We have every name for every religion and the basic part of everything is peace. So why not piece together one word: peace?

–Yogi Bhajan, 6/22/86

Your inner compass must tell you your location in relation to your goal. Life has its own innate organization, which you can sense with intuition and intelligence.

–Yogi Bhajan, Aquarian Teacher Training manual level 110/07/2004

Let us sit down for one minute and meditate and do a peace prayer and then end. Please close your eyes and inhale, hold the breath and pray that all the war drums which we are hearing and the times which are harsh—may this breath, when joined with the universal breath, bring peace to the Earth and mankind. Please hold the breath and pray sincerely. Let it go. Inhale again, hold the breath dear to your heart, near to your heart, and please pray for the peace and prosperity of all you know and don’t know. Let it go. Breathe again, hold it dear to your heart, near to your heart and please pray, please pray for peace and prosperity of the known and the unknown, of the friends and the foes together. It takes only one prayer to change the events and the time and the space. Let it go.

–Yogi Bhajan, 5/4/82
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That’s the pride of a teacher: that he has the privilege to serve another student, because somebody served him.

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/22/96

I know you need prosperity, you need peace, and you need happiness. They shall come to you if you are willing to invest in life, if you are willing to invest in your children, if you are willing to invest in your relationships. You have to invest, because if you don’t, life will go sour. My prayer is that you must be aware that it is you and you alone who can invest in your own tomorrow so that you can be healthy, happy, and holy.

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/14/02

When your ego works, intuition doesn’t; when your intuition works, ego doesn’t.

–Yogi Bhajan, 3/26/91

We are grateful to the Teacher—he gave us the teachings. That doesn’t mean we worship him.

–Yogi Bhajan, 7/25/96