Christmas Tree Message

This is a lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on April 29, 1985

The greatest myth and the greatest betrayal man ever faced in the hand of another man, when man was told that he has to find God; when man was told he was born in sin; the biggest lie, when man was asked the authentic value to be given to achieve God outside himself. When search of God started, man admitted to the fact that God is lost. After all he only searched for something that is missing, that is lost. So God which is everywhere, God which is in you and me, God which is part of all of us, God which is in the form of all of us is lost, it is a joke. So, remember love is endless, compassion is forever.  God is everywhere.  In God I dwell. Topic of the next class….

……what I am saying to you with all the sins and all the nonsense and all the emotions and all the admissions and the compassion and the doing and the not doing what matters, it doesn’t matter, isn’t the life that matters, it is the courage you bring to it, it’s the anchor. If your anchor is God and Guru’s word,Guru‘s words are anchor, it keeps the God in your heart, seated, planted and residing and presiding and it goes on, that’s the truth. When somebody writes one poem, they feel great, when GuruArjan compiled the SiriGuru Granth, the word of the men who were with God or the God who was with through this men, put it anyway you want and all he said is,

‘Tayraa keetaa jaato naahee maino jog keetoee.’

I cannot say your doing, I cannot explain your doing but you made it possible for me, thank you.

‘Mai nirgun haare koiee gunn naahee aape taras piayoee.’

I was without merits, I didn’t have any merit but it was your mercy, your kindness that I could be so.

‘Taras Peyo Meharmath Hoee Sat Guru Sajjan Melaya.’

It was such kind act of you that I met the true Guru, the friendly Guru.

‘Nanak Nam Miley Tha Jeeva, Tann Mann Theeve Hareya.’

Nanak, if the name of God, the praise of God, dwells in me, if I get that, my mind and my body becomes everlasting green and that is the message of the Christmas tree. In the wilderness of the snow, miles and miles and miles, you don’t see a green thing, except this tree. In the frozen sense of death, which you cut it down anyway, I said once, “Christmas tree told the God, why you named me so, every year they cut me down, they don’t let me grow.”

… So idea of Christmas tree was not to cut it and bring in the house and make it our business, idea was the Christmas tree was grown and always in the front of a home and on that day people used to decorate it and celebrate it, the family put present and sit around and feel the cold and then still feel the life and we used to pay a tribute in a attitude, well that was a hope. It was not meant to be cut down and sold for sixteen dollars and brought into the room and decorated and cookies sold and all that jazz you do and that was never the idea. Things have changed and there is a lot to learn, from where we have started, what we, everything which was meant full or meaningful or purposeful or educating or reminder or telling us has become a ritual, has become meaningless. It has, so the word spoken by us are meaningless but when we speak word and which are meaningless, hypothalamus become meaningless, (?) did get the same signals. That it was I was studying for reading Gurbani, we get all the positive signal for same things we get the negative signals. Our balance sheet is in a deficit. But when we recitemantr, Har, Har Hare, Har Har Wahe Guru, it’s one of the best five words in the world, can change your destiny, change your luck, change your misfortune to fortune. What it’s five words, Har, Har, Wahe Guru, five words, no big deal. If that can do that but if you do other words, also they can do the same. Because tongue does not produce energy, tongue creates a rotation, tongue creates a permutation and combination on the hypothalamus meridian points, on the upper palate.

When you talk sweetly, the whole world is yours, they say, “Zabaan Sheri, Mulk Geeri” it means your projectivity, your personality can be great. You have a as a human being, you have a unlimited strength. You are infinite, your journey of life is also infinite but it can end, being endless. If you don’t experience that pearl you are just a meat and just a shell. That’s the relationship of you and God. God is not going anywhere, you are not going anywhere, simply you are going to circulate without achieving, what you came to achieve. I am no good to you, I am not bad to you either. I am no good to you because you are not agreeing with me, you are not listening to me, I am not bad either, at least twice a week I remind you. That’s not bad.

I hope one day you will wake up and I hope one day you wake up as I woke up. The problem in thinking that you, there is another thinking, you think I am such a super duper human being that you can do anything to me and I have no reaction. Hallelujah, I never knew about that, but I have been told this morning, that’s my problem. You can abuse me, you can abuse about me, you can lie about me, you can say things about me, I am not supposed to react. I have to go above it. All right I am above it, then what is down. So I should not talk to you and tell you, you are spreading nonsense? Or you are talking nonsense or you are nonsense, I should not say that? I should not, I should not work on my own theory?  Poke, provoke, confront and elevate. You want me be down, agreed, you think I can never come down but once a while come up.

(Students’ laughter)

Be with me. Just forgive, just be compassionate, just be conscious that my feeling is that doesn’t matter what anybody is doing. If they are doing what they are doing, I should be doing, what I have to do. My behavior structure is it doesn’t matter what you feel, it does matter what you should feel. It doesn’t matter what you say or you want to say, it does matter what actually you will say and should be saying. When the conscious intelligence, conscious and intelligence puts the discipline in your tongue, that’s the day, you become a human. It is not the beauty which is beauty, it’s not the beauty which is beautiful, it’s the duty performed with a beauty which is beautiful. As a human, you have a beauty, as a human to enjoy that beauty, that shine of the pearl, the performance of the self, you have to have a discipline of your own self, within yourself.

Love is an experience of oneself within oneself it comes true. What I said is the gospel truth, it will always, will live whether you can relate to it or not, this is your performance. Your attribution and contribution in life is you are a shell, you are a meat and you have to perform that pearl and that is the essence, you can create, you can think about it, you can feel about it because that is the God, what that God wants to be created by you, that pearl.

I am not worried, how negative you are, I am worried, why that equal positivity is not created and connected. It doesn’t matter how insane people are, it does matter how what sense we make. It doesn’t matter how many divorces are there, it does matter how many marriages will continue. It doesn’t matter how potently sexual you are, it does matter if you are impotent. What to do about that? It does matter what weakness is, it doesn’t matter what strength is. Strength is a gift, which can be shared, weakness is a point, which has to be covered. Those who cover their weaknesses and others weaknesses are only who know God and they shall always sit by the right side and God shall always be proud of such creations.

We will continue tomorrow, those who command in the name of God, shall also obey in the name of God, and may the…

(Students singing, ‘May the longtime sunshine upon you…’)

YB: Guide your way on. Hey, Mexican have transferred that flower of the rain in Spanish and they sang right, we have it on the tape, we have to give that tape and let people know okay and I am very surprised that they sang it so good that I understood every word of it. The words were important music was just substitute, okay? Can you sing and I can see it, it’s a, it’s a best performance of tonight. Yeah, since in English and may I in English, not in Spanish and may I know that you will not blunder this time. May I have that promise? Ready? Come on, what, what kind of music is that, you, you know the words? Man is the best instrument and human conscious is the best strength, okay?

(Students singing song)

YB (talks over): Everybody. Sing a song. Hey you guys in the mirror I am seeing you, hey you, shame on you, sing. See I can look at that. This song takes away the death, fear of death from us, so beautiful, sing it, just verbalize it. That is the truth.

(Students stop singing)

It’s very beautiful song and I am very proud and my pride shall never have a fall. These songs came to people because of their risen consciousness, their risen Cherdi Kala, their risen Kundalini. We have so many beautiful songs and you know what a song is? Song is a conscious ecstasy, it’s a combination between soul, mind and body, when a man becomes totally a crystal clear and gets to God or becomes God and we have so many beautiful songs and the word, the understanding of the song is so pure, so powerful, that is the best mega B-complex super dose, very relaxing. I just had a situation where somebody was so disturbed, so painful and asked for a help. I said, the immediate help is call the doctor and meanwhile the doctor came, meanwhile, it all happened. I put that Shabad,

‘Dukaling pranasee dayaling saroope, sada ang sanghe babam boothe, Chakarchakra varti, chakarchakra bhugte.’

And it was loud enough and it was relayed on telephone. By the time the situation was medically attended, the person was calm, quiet, pain was gone the palpitation of heart was calmer. It’s a orthodox gimmick but it worked. Illogical spiritual nonsense but it effectively took care of it. And our modern view is, anything, which is religion is totally wrong, it doesn’t exist, it should not be practiced, idealistically not real. And look the fun, this religion is the science of reality to understand within oneself, ones own reality, that’s what religion is, not rituals, not this, not that, it’s a experience, it’s a science of experience to know your own reality, know your own strength, it should give you and specially in this modern time, when there is a so much stress and tension and negativity and it gives you the power to find your own pearl, it gives you the power to find your own anchor, it gives you the power to find your own depth. It’s real. Otherwise, the shallowness will make lot of noise and you will be knocking as that bean Mexican bean jumps and creates and hits the wall, you will be just hitting the walls and I don’t see anything else than you doing it but I know, you can stop all that. I know you can excel, I have an experience that one can excel. It’s possible. It’s not a lie, it’s a truth, that you can excel, if you want to. It’s not a vivid idea, it’s not a idea which I stole from somebody, it is something we have seen in last fifteen years, in the human laboratory seeing and working and taking it and going through it and turning upside down and letting things turn up and down, I understand and I hope you understand. We will talk about God and you, you and God and the command and the obey.

We will meet tomorrow again, thank you for coming, it’s a blissful week, God be with you. What they say? Adios, adios.