Giving is God

Painting of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan by Mukhia Jethadar Amrit Singh from Espanola, New Mexico

Here is an excerpt from a lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan as shared in the April 1994 issue of Prosperity Paths.

Your total power, total strength, your total wonder, is in patience, how much you can tolerate. Your triumph is in your patience. How much you can give, give, give, give. Giving is God. You only give when you love. You only take when you are insecure.

When we bow, we make ourselves low so that we can receive. When we go high, we have to give.

Usually, we just test God to see if tomorrow he will give us enough to eat, etc. But this isn’t necessary. God sees we aren’t worthy all of the time, but he keeps on giving. Guru says that God puts sustenance for His creatures even in the rocks and stones.

Future of the Khalsa and the future of the establishment of the Siri Guru Granth’s domain has started. It shall not end. There is nothing to worry about. Some sacrifices have to be made. Just remember when you give an offering, you don’t make big mess with it. There is a way of salutation to the grace of God and to the self.

Giving is God and taking is evil. But you have the right to take if you have the determination to give. That is called distribution. That is the second chapter of Vand Chakho.

We never blame ourselves for our own neurosis, we always blame others. You must understand that when we are successful, we fail at the same time. Success does not bring you anything but boredom. How to maintain in that boredom is the real secret of success. That is the first chapter of Vand Chakho, share with others and serve them. But don’t control people or they will become your dead weight. Share with them and guide them and let them become successful. Remember that in the tomb of the emperor there are always pigeon droppings, but on the tomb of the saint there are always candles. The king owns the world and tries to control it, the saint owns the world and gives it all away. That is the difference.