How the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Works

This is a lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on September 18, 1988.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Sikh Dharma has competency to relate to the life. And I am picking out of that word… actually “Sun-gat”….”Sun-gat,” there are two words. Normally when we speak, we call it “Sangat.” “Sun-gat.”

What we are trying to see is where it leads to us to reversal psychology or into compassion of the relationship between people, persons, individuals, relatives, and realities.

Normally it is considered that sangat is a holy congregation. That’s all we can say about it. But that’s not true. If you read Siri Guru Granth, you will surprisingly see that Kabir has told about the soul, the part of body, the part of lotuses, the part of other things; and Guru Nanak has spoken about inter-related consciousness, outward inter-relationship, conception, intuition. There’s not one sphere which has not been touched.

May 1973 – Yogi Bhajan at the first gurdwara in the GRDA in Los Angeles

Our idea to do Akhand Path is to pick up a luck, pick up a choice. “All right, I’m going to read Siri Guru Granth from 12:00 – 3:00.” So within that 12-3, how many pages you read and Guru talks to you, and you talk to the Guru? That’s the purpose. Purpose of reading Gurbani is not to show off, or to let anybody be satisfied that you have done it. No, that’s not the purpose. Purpose is… in Sikh Dharma there is absolutely a direct communication between the Guru and a Sikh. So, a Sikh comes to the Guru and Guru speaks to him and Sikh understands what is being spoken. And the highest meditation, HIGHEST, is that you hear your own words and you hear the God’s words and you hear the Guru’s words. So, you speak… you speak Guru’s words, and you speak Guru’s concept of the God’s words, and you hear it. There’s no higher state of sophisticated meditation than this in a human body or a human lifetime.

People just do not understand. Reading a book and reading a Guru are two different readings. Altogether different. They have absolutely no common concept. Because reading a book, you may understand, may not understand. You may listen to the book, may not listen to the book. You may have any reverence for it, may not have any reverence for it, but when reading the Guru… you have to listen to obey, you have to listen to improve, you have to listen to resurrect, you have to listen to increase your capacity. Somebody is talking to you, which means to you more than you. Book may not mean anything to you. It may mean less to you, it may mean more to you. It may mean negative to you, it may mean positive to you. But Guru is not open for discussion! Guru is there for obedience! We repeat it many times, we read it many times, we know it many times. But do we understand it any time, even one line?

People are searching. People are searching for Gurus — some wise man, some perfect man, some miracle man. Here is the wise man, the miracle man, and THE man which is not substandard. It won’t change! It won’t have a diarrhea! It won’t have… because you come and you belong to a rich caliber therefore it will change its statement. No! Nothing! It will say EXACTLY again and again, today, twenty years from now, the same thing. Choice is yours. You come, you pick it up. It’s an interrelated personality of that subtlety of that sophistication of which man actually is proud of. Otherwise you are totally a stupid animal who just walks on two legs and you do not use two hands to be creative. And all you live is for security. Well, all right, what difference does it make if you are rich or poor, you are big or small? You are going to die anyway. Are you going to die unfulfilled?

Jiwan mukht. The word, jiwan mukht… sun-gat, completion. Gat. Bhaee hamaaree. Gat. Fulfillment, completion. What is that? God has created man in a way that cannot be fulfilled ever? Religion will keep on exploiting? Getting people’s money, giving them nothing? There is no sheep and shepherd and flock! There’s a man in personification. Man is God inside. And it has to come outside. It cannot get choked.

There was a yoga line which I used to read, and I never understood it: “Jalunderband agiaanee and.” And I used to say, “If there is a jalunderband… if you apply jalunderband, naturally your faculty to project and penetrate through the world increases. “Agiaanee and”… what it means?” It means, without that, neither you have a knowledge and you are blind. So, typically it is said reversely, I said, “What is this? One should never have jalunderband enemy? What’s this? This sutra doesn’t make sense.” But you know, it is a very funny thing. I have realized that in olden times, the sutras were written so that ordinary man may not understand them. There is always a key to it. Whether they were not trusting or… I don’t know, I don’t want to pass any judgment. But one thing Guru Nanak did, Guru Nanak sat with people, talked in the language of people… because a people, became a sangat in whose company you enjoy, relax, feel blissful, happy, feel directed, elevated, resurrected. That is sangat. It can be you, too.
It can be your Guru, too. But you have to relatingly listen to it. Listening to obey is a different attitude.

In command office I had an experience. If you say something… Ooh, it is listened to. I worked about 18 years, myself, I can tell you. I have never in those 18 years heard, “What did you say, sir?” No. I don’t know this thing. I can say it very confessedly. I do not know whether I spoke very low or small, high in pitch or I was angry or was mad. Nothing.

I remember one instance which I want to share with you, how listening is. One day I came to the job and I found out everything unsuitable. You know, sometime you come very irky from home and become itchy on the job. You know, it is a human experience. Guru says it this way, “You came very itchy with God to come to the planet, and you have become very irksome while living on the earth.” It is right there. So human behavior is very thoroughly discussed. So it was one of those days when I was sarcastically unbalanced myself. Let us put it in those terminologies. And I caught up a man and I shouted at him. I said, “What is going on? This, this, this!” You know that stuff when you show off that you are an officer and the other is a subordinate. That’s a psychological inverted sangat. It is also a sangat. It is a company in a bad mood to create badness. We do it. I mean, it is totally human. Watch yourself when you do that. When that was over, in between I said that something is happening and somebody should take care
of it. I went to my office, sat down, and this person was saying, “Hey, he has a mood worse than you can believe.” The other man said, “Forget about the mood. He said something. What was that? Did you hear it?” He said, “Yeah, he wanted that to be….” The second man said, “I heard it. I just wanted to confirm it.” I still today say there was an authentic development to listen. Didn’t matter what my mood was, what my tone was, what my pitch was. That’s a relationship. And in Japji when it says,

“Suniai sidh peer sur naath,”
–Guru Nanak, 8th pauree of Japji

it’s no different.

“Power to listen.” And what more beautiful can be when you speak and you listen in a dialogue with the Guru? That’s what Siri Guru Granth is. It’s a dialogue of hierarchy to resurrect the lower self into the ecstasy in such a simple communication, and in such a beautiful intercourse where no reaction is possible because Guru is standardized self. Forever. It won’t change. It won’t ask, it won’t take. It does only one thing: give, give, give ’til you get tired.

“Dendaa de lainde thak paaeh. Jugaa jugantar khaaee khaaeh.
Hukamee hukam chaae raho. Naanak vigasai veparvaaho.”

–Guru Nanak, 3rd pauree of Japji

“Veparvaaho.” Carefree Guru. Open it in the day, open it in the night, open it in the middle of the night, or middle of the day, it is your problem. And when you will speak to it, it will speak back to you, and you have to speak to it with your speaking power, plus your visualization. It won’t speak to the blind. And with your visual contact. And with your self-orientation and self-oratory of the words, relating the words of Nanak and listening to the words of Nanak in your own voice. What more religion can give anybody? And there’s no camouflage in it. Guru Nanak speaks to you in your own tone, mode, language, communication and frequency. And if you are that arrogantly ignorant, I’ll say, that you don’t want to listen to yourself, then who you are ever going to listen to?

And simple line, that’s where Japji starts. Japji is written in reverse. It starts with “Ik Ong Kar,” and the last is,

“Jinee naam dhaaiaa, gae masakat ghaal.
Naanak te mukh ujale ketee chutee naal.”

But if you read “Ketee chutee naal,” reversely, you will understand the entire life phenomena of Japji, or your life. Japji understands it…. And before Slok,

“Jat paahaaraa dheeraj suniaar.
Eheran mat ved hathee-aar.”

Can you believe, can any psychologist or psychiatrist can give you a personality profile that tells you the secret, the power, the most penetrating power of success, resurrection, mentally, spiritually and physically and universally? God, it is such an inter-combination! Two magnetic root square, into the square of the combination of the vibratory effective of the magnetic field to penetrate into the vibrate fact are the pranas into the combination of the neurons to set the brain pattern in the left and right hemisphere to create a universal consciousness so that man can understand the unseen, unknown, and unheard. Projection is re-established back to the re-uttering of the words so creative, so that the hypothalamus with medulla can work it out to the positive self of the brain so that man can be intuitive and objectively energetic.

May 1973 – first gurdwara at the GRDA in Los Angeles

I am not saying this for you. This is about 500 years from now, the Sikhs will understand what I’ve said and it will be magnetic field of life. And you are all stupid for that era. So, you know, it is something we’ll narrate it in a simple language here, but this, what I have said, don’t be astonished. This is for those. They will get the root squares and all that situation. And they will understand Siri Guru Granth, and they will read it as it should be read. They will know it as it should be known. And they will feel it as it should be felt. And they will never consider it was a book. If they ever consider it as a book, it will be the book of their life. It will be a page… will be a layer of their consciousness. And it will reveal to them the steps of ecstasy. San-gat. They will find gat in the seal, in the association of this.

Mankind has to come to conclude that fluctuation is the process and it’s not the project. Project is to be complete and then see, enjoy, feel to be complete. To be complete is totally erotic. Well, then to be complete for what? To be complete, to enjoy to be complete. There’s a happiness. Sikh Dharma is based on happiness. Happy to dress, happy to eat, happy to live. Gratitude. Because Sikh Dharma establishes the ownership of God.

“Ik Ong Kar” means the One who created this planet and this universe and me, you and us, IS the owner. It’s an established fact. “I don’t believe in God.” There’s no such thing, believing in God! He’s the owner. You believe in owner? Idiot! You are out of a job! You can’t work in that company. You can’t! There’s no such thing! “I believe in God.” Then, “I am searching God.” You search your boss. When you have to make a decision, you have to know where he is. Is that not a normal way of your life when it comes to God? Because God is too vast, too huge, too Infinite, and you are too small, too dingy and you don’t want to establish sangat. You don’t want to create a relationship, you don’t want to BE. You want to decide what your ego tells you, not what your God tells you? God is not available to you? You have to search it? What a lie you all religious people live! You have to search for God who created you? Who’s around you? Who gives you breath of life? Who changes your cells? Hey, what are you talking about? When
the part of God, the soul, leaves, you stink. Don’t you? Then worms eat you. If the worms don’t eat you, then you have to be put in a boat and put to fire, right? You saw that movie? Did you go or not? Well, you don’t come to gurdwara, that means you don’t go to the movies? I know you all. You do go. He was given the last rites in a Viking way because he did tell the grandchildren, “I don’t want to be in the grave of my family and to be eaten by worms. Give me a respectable out.” And that was the respectable out. They did it.

There is no strength of wealth which does not give you a respectable out. That’s the law. And Guru tells you to be respectable out. Just like this, in diagonal pressure in aversion of construction to create a total rhythmical or global or rectangular situation to uplift the weight in that situation in which the energy patterns are established to the base of the circle, levering the triangle energy into the angle to coordinate with the performance of the performer, in which the magnetic field comes from the psyche of the universe to uplift the self, is the moving process of F energy… base is energy reacted and creative into the balance.

As the law of universal force in physics applies to the earth, so it shall apply to the heavenly energy in that angular action in which the pattern of the neurons can look into the self of the nervous system, and its creative and glandular system will work through the granthis, called the lotuses, and in which elevated consciousness will re-project and reprocess and understand and compute intuitively, all subjection of the human body, mental and physical in environments beforehand. As the process cell changes in 72 hours later, 72 hours intuitive reactor should be the memory part of the subconscious of the human being so fulfilled and understood. If in future, you the children of the Guru and being the Sikhs, understand the development, then in that creativity you shall excel and that’s the basic a human is supposed to be. Otherwise it is still in a monkey stage. This is recorded. Reprocess it and see it what I am saying.

Now, for you. Yeah, I have to tell you. I mean to say… you are a congregation. Otherwise they will listen, they will understand it, but not you. Now, the sun has three processes. Sun. Now, I am telling you as in 3000 BC we used to talk. Let’s talk that way. Yeah, that’s how it is. Sun is a power worship image God. It has 3 things in it. One is the flare. One is the heat. And one is the light. Heat, light and flare. Flares control the psyche and the movement and the capacity of the universe it governs. Heat creates the low and high pressures and balances. Rays give you the power to expand and to contract. These are the three physical laws which have to be followed in every sphere of life. So, to be practical here, you have to be bright. Or, at least, you are dumb or idiot, you have to impress somebody that you are bright. And you can do it in a stupid way, or you can do it in a wise, subtle, sophisticated way. Choice is yours, whether you want a gross way of living or sophisticated way of living. This you have to
settle. That is individual freedom. There are certain freedoms which you have got. But those who choose to be sophisticated, which is 7% of the hundred. (93% people use gross, unsophisticated force to live… They do not process their thought form to make it subtle.) You can look in yourself. Everything you say, you communicate, you listen, you deal with, you plan… you have to process it from the raw stage of bruteness to the subtle stage of human. And anything which you process to the subtle stage of human has to become the radiant stage of the angel. And actually it is the radiant stage of the communication of the angel which you should be performing. And that understanding is which is psychology. That is human. That is humanology. A man to process himself through all activity, profile, projection that he can make that whole process within himself, in the elementary form of the grossness, rawness to sophisticatedness of the human subtleties, and then to make it penetratingly radiant to make a projectile
so that it can be effective.

Guru teaches this if you want to know the secret. Guru knew that we are humans and we are gorillas. He knew that. It’s not that he didn’t now. I mean, we didn’t have that long hair.

Somebody asked me, “Define woman.” I said, “Man without beard.” What is there to define? It’s just God’s creation and it’s there. Fundamental. However, just understand. Guru knew that we are gorillas and we’ll use elementary bear force. Brawn they call it. Brawn, brain and bullying. These are three powers of the world. If you know economics, then you know them. If you don’t know them, buy the elementary book of economics of the graduation standard, you will find the whole theory there. So we used that gross force without sophisticating it. Guru knew it. Guru also knew the projection effectiveness of a saint is required, and a Sikh has to live a knowledge of a person which must be like a saint. We have to live like a saint and we have to act like a soldier.

How to create that energy when there’s not time? That is why father of this nation, Guru Gobind Singh, the real father, established Siri Guru Granth as the Guru for the Sikhs. He didn’t give you holy book. It is a damn lie! It is a rotten untruth! Those who called Siri Guru Granth a “Holy Book of the Sikhs,” are stupidly ignorant! It’s not! It’s a living process, a Guru! Organic! It is not inorganic. Guru knew that the process of introduction is through intercourse. The process of creation is through intercourse. And how to create an intercourse and be sure of pregnancy? Just understand now with a spiritual tense, because in the West you are very sexual people. All you understand is intercourse, intercourse, intercourse. If female is not available, male is available, that’s fine. If nothing is available, then let us do with the air. Doesn’t matter. That’s how you think that way. Akal desh, you know? It’s the underworld. So here the energy is erotic and mental energy is
neurotic. And the creativity pursuit is chaotic. Don’t misunderstand. The bruteness is well defined and these are psychological terms and then everybody is psychologically imbalanced. So basically we all are pursuing that. But Guru knew that. So he took away the rawness and gave the sophisticatedness in a simple way. In a simple way. Speak with me, just in the eight beat:

“Jat paahaaraa dheeraj suniaar.”

Ahh, you are eating now. Now it is a science. Forget about your system. Now, within myself nobody is listening. I am with the Japji. I am with me. “Jat.” No, no, no, no! This tongue is a lingum. And Yuni is this mouth. And the point to touch is automatically the upper palate. Upper palate has a meridian point, 84 meridian points connected with the brain, which is hypothalamus. And then… then you can take a full book on the brain and see how it works. I am not going to teach you economics of biology, and I’m not going to give you the statistics of the medical science. That I leave to you. But let us do it today in an experiment. All right, let’s go in a simple intercourse of it… Jat! (He speaks in a very hard and short piercing way.) Each word has a profound impounding impact. It’s a typewriter thing. Type it. Self-process type it, when you become professional in it. But simple. This is now mechanical.

“Jat paahaaraa dheeraj suniaar.”

See the sound, how it sounds? And you read, you know how you read? (Makes a murmuring sound, slurring all the words together so that they are incomprehensible.) And you think you have read it? You have done your day? No! That’s not Japji! That’s not Sikh Dharam. That’s not Guru. That’s YOUR version.

Well, let us go scientifically now. Let us create the art and science, put it together, as it is to be effective. Impact. Don’t impress. Create impact. Impress — moment. Impact — forever.

“Jat paahaaraa dheeraj suniaar.
Eheran mat ved hathee-aar.
Bhao khalaa agan tap taao.

No, no, no. Use the tongue. That sound balance in your mouth should be fulfilled as you put a big spaghetti on the spoon and roll it up, and put the very ummmm, koommummm, soummm, satiammmm paramesharay. That’s the science of the granth. So create that. Koommummmm.

“Jat paahaaraa dheeraj suniaar.
Eheran mat ved hathee-aar.
Bhao khalaa agan tap taao.
Bhandaa bhao amrit tit daal.
Ghareeai shabad sachee taksaal.
Jin ko nadar karam tin kaar.
Naanak nadaree nadar nihaal.”

(Sangat repeats pauree word for word with heavy emphasis on each word.)

Did you enjoy it? Don’t feel embarrassed. This is called impact calling. The pounding of the intercourse between the upper palate and the tongue, the lingam, is effective, and it has to be more effective, effective, effective! In bani, where Rahao (Pause) comes you will see the impact and projection changes to the angular side of the meridians and, as in harmonium we use this side for high thick sound, we use this side for high thin sound, and thick and thin, high and low, pitches continue. That’s why whole Siri Guru Granth is in a raga.

I was shattered that day, shattered, totally blown out of mind. I’m still not together. And this is the first time in my whole life I want to go somewhere where I see nobody for a while. Because I went to an akhand path and they stopped. Ragmala was not read. And I have no claim that they read it or not read it, I’m not upset about it, but when it was not read, it took away like a leap year out of the time schedule is gone and we are outdated. Because Siri Guru Granth is very well, living organic Guru. You take 15 breaths average per minute… 15. If you multiply 365 days into hours and then into minutes and multiply with 15, you will find that many sutras are in Siri Guru Granth. Exactly, for the whole year. And then you will find the leap year, which comes as a quarter every year, and you have one extra day after four years, is the sutra of the Rag Mala. And to honor the ragas, because they presented themselves before Guru Arjan and said, “We are ragas and we are only being played
and sung and encouraged and developed in the houses of the prostitution.” And Guru Arjan said, “No, you will be now process, living and being in the House of the Guru, House of the God.” And in Harimandir, the House of God, Guru Arjan sang himself according to the note and tune and impact.

What is a raga? Raga is a note, in tune, impact… a projection of that time-space in vibratory message you want to have. It is intercourse. ‘Raa’ means sun. ‘Gaa’ means path, go. Raga, naga. Naga means the path where nobody can go. Snake can go, they call it naga. That they can shrink to a thread and can be a fat. That you can’t understand. Raa means sun. Where sun rules, raja. And in union… yog. Raja yog.

So basically what I am explaining to you is that that is what it is traditionally understood, well-established, and that day all of a sudden, somebody took away the part. But if we tell them not to take 40th pauree of Anand Sahib and fix it with the fifth and call it Anand Sahib, “Be honest, either read all the forty or stop at five.” What is this jumping? It is Siri Guru Granth. Anand is in Siri Guru Granth. Nobody can make small Anand, medium Anand, big Anand. Nobody has the authority. It cannot be accepted. Because Guru’s word is forever. It cannot change. Its pattern cannot change. Because it is a basic pattern of the neuron impact complication to interrelate to the hemispheres and keep changing in colorization so the message process of development of brain can reach and conceive the concept of the magnetic infinity. That’s why what is said and done and patternized is forever and we call it Siri Guru Granth. It cannot change. We can’t accept it. Sikhs or no Sikhs, Siri
Guru Granth shall remain intact to create that impact to which there is nothing to react. British came, they found out after conquering the Lahor Darbar, “What is this secret of the Sikhs? Why they are so beautifully martial and we have to cheat them to lose their war? We couldn’t do it straight.” They found out the most blissful bani which gives them accomplishment to replenish their lives and their strength and their fatigue is Anand Sahib. So, they collected Khalsa Diwan they call it, whatever that body is… Chief Khalsa Diwan. So some… those dummies got collected. You know, everybody these days… this “Yes sir” business. And they put an impact, came out with a solution. It takes too long to read Anand. So make it chota (small) Anand. Now, chota Anand? This man-made Anand? And after that they stand before the Guru, “Anand Sahib ki ardaas.” Now why didn’t you give somebody a hundred dollar bill and give on one side, half an inch of this side, and one square on other side, and tell him,
“This is a hundred dollar bill,” and take away the whole thing? And see which bank will not challenge and cash it? Can you do that? Take a hundred dollar bill, take a scissors, cut it one way, one fortieth part of it, you know, five times, and then take the fortieth part and put it together on a piece of paper and go to the cashier, tell her, and say, “Here’s a hundred dollar bill.” She’ll say, “Where is the rest?” “That I am keeping and this you should cash.” Now who can do that?

We even went to Jethadar of the Akal Takhat. We built up a wooden stair with five pauris and then the fortieth pauri. And we told him, “You are the supreme leader of the Sikhs. Would you go on this pauri?” He said, “I got the impression. All right, you just read five, not anything else.” I said, “We are reading only five, just to make a point, a polite point. We want to communicate, we want to make you understand. Because this is a bani in the Siri Guru Granth, it is a part of my Guru, I do not want it to be muddled. I do not want it to be arranged or rearranged or changed. You do not understand, but I understand.”

The mangala charan over the shabad is perfect, is an invocation, and every mangala charan is the invocation. Therefore you cannot have a standardized invocation for all the shabads. You know, in some shabads they say only “Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad.” In some, “Ik Ong Kar Sat Nam Karta Purakh Nirbhao…” the whole thing. In some, “Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad.” “Ik Ong Kar Sat Nam, Sat Gur Prasad.” There are different invocations. They are preamble to the impact of the shabad on the meridian neurons pattern combination of the magnetic field in combing force to the relative energy with the relative intuitive message sending with the chakras. Do you understand? This is simple.

Okay, this is how it is. The chakras in the body are effective gunas of controlling and distributing the energy. Now just understand a canal system. Like arteries… main artery, and small arteries, and then there are veins and big veins. You understand the body system? Or, understand the irrigation system? How to water the entire system. Now, in that system the pattern of the neurons’ control in the brain is also very effectively and royally controlled by the pineal, through its radiation. Its a radiation center. Its a main computer center. That little grain piece in the brain is more effective than the entire universal Almighty God. That little stuff. It doesn’t require any surgery, it doesn’t develop anything on it. It is just a little thing, but it is a total atomic energy center. It controls the vibration of the neurons’ pattern in the brain. It connects the hemisphere to coordinate and overtake each other at the time of need. But also, all the granthis, all the chakras in the bodies are also coordinated.
And that is done through the radiant body. Your nervous system, your physical system, — nothing is used. Your status quo — that’s why your status quo cannot feel it, read it. Now everything is going over the head. It is getting complicated?

Well, we are discussing Siri Guru Granth. I’m just trying to make you understand, as the pineal, the commander of the pituitary, the pituitary commander of the glandular system, as the glands, the guardians of the human health, body and life — exactly the same way through the radiant body from its vibratory radiation self… the pineal controls the combined system of the human body. Therefore the most powerful virtue is to read Siri Guru Granth in that solid state of understanding, listening and caring. Because that is for ourself. So this process to be a Sikh is not just to belong to a religion. Process to be a Sikh is to be excellent. And not to be excellent just to be excellent, but to enjoy to be excellent. And how you enjoy to be excellent? When you make others to be excellent, because reproductivity, re-creation is our process. It’s God in us.

You know, God has failed only in one thing. That One God, which is competent of all competences, is a total failure in one thing: It couldn’t create another God. If God could have created another God, we were not needed. So lucky that He couldn’t… and then He has to come out with a pasaaraa. And this is a praan pasaaraa. Half of a him, half of God is under the water. Half of the God is in the air and the earth, in sensory purposes. But that’s the only one planet. There are many, many planets where you all live. And the third etheric level of living in which you live as a transparent. So life has many dimensions and many diagonals and many directions. So this diagonal energy creatively creates. And the Guru understood:
“Paataalaa paataal lakh aagaasaa aagaas.
Orak Orak bhal thake ved kehen ik vaat.

Then he mocks at it.

Sahas ataareh kehen katebaa….

All knowledge grantis, scriptures, these are books which are saying this.

…asaloo ik dhaat.

But asaloo, the real self is just that One.

Lekhaa hoeh ta likhee-ai lakhai hoeh vinaas.

If I can write… my writing, it all can be destroyed. But nobody can write it. What is the last line, the next line? No, no, no, I have not completed the pauri. Come on.

Naanak vadaa aakheeai, aape jaanai aap.”
–from 22nd pauree of Japji Sahib

Nanak, just praise Him so He knows what He’s doing. You know when you don’t know somebody, you agree to that? That’s why Guru Nanak in realization of the Totality has tried to humble himself from everything to nothing. And that spirit of creative Nanak, living Nanak, is the Siri Guru Granth. That’s why in the end of the shabad, the word ‘Nanak’ comes. It is a seal to remind us that it’s real, it is true, and that is sangat.

There are two words, ‘sun.’ S-u-n, sun, and s-o-n, son. Right? Right? Sun, if you want to reach the sun and feel the perfection, the gaddee, you better read it right. That’s what it is. “Kar sangat har aapane antar ghat ke bhe beet vinaase.” Try to go in the inner being corner of yourself. All fear and all nightmares will leave. Clarity and crystallization will happy. And, “Nadaree mokh duaar.” You shall see the God of liberation and the gate of that palace within your own sight. You can go there. Once you see the city, you can go or not go. It is up to you. And you shall be covered:

“Karamee aavai kaparaa nadaree mokh duaar.”
–4th Pauree of Japji Sahib, Guru Nanak

That one line is very, very promising, very clear with an extreme understanding.

As the time will come, Sikh Dharma will develop. The space age is in. And these modernizations of man’s brute force will give in. And subtlety and ecstasy of man’s fulfillment will become his intercourse of life. The Sikh Dharma will start to be related to with utmost respect and reverence because this is the science and art of human fulfillment.



Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA