Leadership is to Answer the Call

This is an excerpt from a lecture given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, in April 1995 in Santa Monica, CA, USA, as it appeared in the November 1995 Prosperity Paths publication.

A person needs caliber, intuition, and stamina. When the impossible become possible, a status is achieved.

Leadership is to answer the call. It is trust in you which will work. Your manipulation will never work. Remember this forever as a leader. You can manipulate a person once, twice, three times — forth time you have a permanent enemy. You can insult a person once, twice, thrice — fourth time you will never get an interview with that person. Your behavior has to be very straight, honorable, mannerful. A person is judged by their manners.  A person prospers by their mercy. A leader has to be in a state of ecstasy, happy, calm, balanced. Then your purity will come out, then Khalsa will come out.

The faculty which makes you a leader is, when your word is effective, it goes to the heart of another person. Those who are born of the Word, shall rule the world. A person who speaks nothing but Truth or infinite knowledge, gets Vaak Siddhi. When that happens whatever he speaks, that happens.  That is why our Guru is a word, Shabd Guru. World has come to bow to Shabd Guru. World has come to recite the Shabd Guru. We are just a means to it.

You who will carry the Siri Guru Granth in the future are the leaders. But are you a leader wherever you are? This you have to decide. According to the definition of a leader, a leader is a leader in life and after life. That amartaa, that deathlessness, is our life.

In the next century quality may enter, not quantity. We want leadership which can carry the teachings, which can carry the discipline, which can carry humanity. The first faculty of a leader is that you’ve got to be a leader yourself.

“Conquer your mind and you shall conquer the whole world.”  ~Guru Nanak, Japji Sahib

That is why we have to rise in the ambrosial hours to be ready. Ahead of time, there’s a chance to mark the way and let us sway the whole world to the solid truth.

I am not promising you that your life will not have difficulties. Rather I am promising you without difficulties there is no life. And if your caliber is good enough and if your heart is big enough, and if you have come to a status that you can understand that God works for you, God shall work for you. Your presence should work.

Crown of spirituality cannot be conquered. It is always bestowed, and it is bestowed on the soul which is bright enough to carry it.