Life is to be Lived

This lecture was given by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on March 5, 1995

Here is an audio recording of the full lecture:

Here is the text excerpt of this lecture as it appeared in the March 1995 issue of Prosperity Paths:

Life is a given gift. Atma, the soul takes the body and the distance of life is covered by destiny and challenged by fate.

There are some people who live life making their security the earth, the here and now. They box themselves in. They feel insecure and irrelevant to the environments if they are not secure. And their security is very important to them so they box themselves in more. That is sort of a prison.

Atma, the pranic shakti, is also prisoner of the ribcage. It breathes in and out, but when a person with his ego has created an insecurity box , then there’s no place for the soul to go in and out. Then a person goes deeper and deeper, layer by layer, into boxing in one’s Atma, one’s self, and therefore does not have any sensitivity to feel others. All they want to know is that their security is secure. Now, there are other people who live a life of a mission. They live a life to love everybody. They are smiling and beautiful and outgoing to everybody.

And this is what we experienced this time in India. On this trip of eleven days we saw great insecurity on the faces of the people and they had a big question mark on their faces. What will happen to them? They came in thousands and hundred thousands. They were there. We were there with them. We reminded them that it’s the Guru’s cause, our life is the Guru’s cause. Guru’s guidance is what we solicit.

Har ka naam dhiaa-i-ay ke too(n) hoa, har-i-aa bhai. “Take the Name of the Creator God and be healthy, opportunities will come.”

You know you have life that you can live, you can have all that you need. That is destined. More than that you can only get, if you open yourself up. Open your doors, open your heart to others. You have to show that you are the beloved of the Lord and you are here to live a life for everybody. And this is unlimited. Whatever life is given to you by the pranic energy is unlimited.

And it is not necessary that you will die and you will be forgotten. No, there is an absolutely human example. Guru Nanak came in physical body, lived, talked, preached, helped, elevated everybody. He was ever with us, He is with ever us. Nobody at that time when He was alive forgot Him, nobody forgets Him now. Guru Nanak is all around.

Aap jaapai avraa naam japaavai. “One who meditates on God and makes others to meditate.” It is a very simple thing that gives prosperity, purpose and projection in life. Weaknesses are many, handicaps are many, but this covers all weaknesses. Serve everybody, whenever a call comes, need comes, come out and be with people, becoming dependable people serving people, projecting people, people with a smile and glowing faces.

We took a tour of the land of the Gurus. We were very fortunate. We chanted Wahe Guru everywhere. We blessed our self and Guru blessed us in return in abundance. And this was an experience of endurance. It was endurance in the sense that we could feel how much hunger is there, how much each Atma wants to glow. Our children were so happy, so authentic, so enduring. If we could spend millions and millions and millions of dollars to train a person that way, I don’t think we could do it. I think the program we are on, with patience, perseverance and projection, both they and we are very happy.

Every challenge has to be met. Because that is the graduation. That’s a test of a human identity, endurance, faith and beauty. You cannot not have a test and challenge in life, otherwise the life will become very boring. You will have no juice in your life.

That’s why the life of the Sikh relates to the entire universe, everyone around and inside. Everyone is so enriched. Enriched by the energy of the Shabad Guru. You know, E man meriaa too sadaa raho har naale. “Oh my mind, be with God all the time.” You are reminded, to remember, feel and understand in that way. When you are talking, walking, dealing with somebody, you feel God within, the wisdom of the Guru within. So basically there is no karma. That’s the way this Dharma is and that’s the way this Dharma is augmenting the life.

Now you who are walking on this path of the Guru, you have to understand it this way. Don’t measure things by money, maya, gain, loss, achievement, have or have not. It is by the will of God. It is His universe. It’s not mine, it’s not yours. It is the fantastic way of life. I’m telling you, in September we are going to go to India. You all have to go and go to every Gurdwara. We are angels and we have come down on this earth and we are flying here and there and smiling and hugging. So much energy was and will be exchanged and so much inspiration was and will be exchanged and so much love was and will be exchanged. We can’t manifest it in any other way but this way.

As our father Guru Gobind Singh chanted, Gobinday, mukhanday, udharay, apaaray, haariang, kaariang, nirnaamay, akaamay. These words are the words of the Guru. When we recite them, Guru recites in us. There’s no difference. The moment of purity which we recite Gurbani is that which makes Guru in us. And that is Gurprasaad. Moho ke bolan bolee-aa jit soon dhare piaar. “When we speak with our tongue, we speak Guru’s words, we are purified.” It is this purity and this piety we experienced and we shared so much wealth of love, joy and happiness.

It was amazing to see our children. They showed us gatka like Sikhs were doing in Anandpur Sahib. It was amazing their strength and their work. And they really, really, really came through. Realize the reality, the strength. Aren’t we very proud parents? We can see our possible potential for the future, for… the new age, the millennium, through the children with a strength, character, priceless values and Guru’s shabad in every heart. What more could we want? We are very blessed. We are beautiful, we are bountiful, and we are in bliss. Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh.