Mastering Obedience

This is a lecture given on August 27, 1995, by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan.

This excerpt “Let the whole universe move but a person should not move” appeared in the September 1995 issue of Prosperity Paths.

One cannot say the status and state of mind of anyone who has mastered obedience. There are two aspects of Japji; one is to obey, the other is to listen. Those who listen, they become perfect. They become the siddhas. They have the power of all the knowledge. They know that the heavens and earth are just the same aspect. It is a mental attitude. If all of us start believing, listening, and obeying; our life shall be perfect. We should then ask what is it that stops us? There is a tendency, that when we are right, we want to be wrong. Also, when you are wrong, you want to be right.

The world universe is in balance. If you do not create a neutral mind and meditative mind, in order to just obey, then that creates a conflict. To follow the consciousness or to follow the ego? We also all know that they are in conflict. Individuals are not a byproduct of guilt. We are born in the image of God, His reality and His ecstasy. We have earned this body, mind, and soul. We have burned our karma. We have come here to test our Dharma. That is what humanity is to be taught.

If humans are not going to be God then what is God all about? Everything which God created works with impulse. You are the only creature who can work with an impulse, not at all, if you want to use it consciously or intuitively. Your power has intuition. It is not a gift; it is your total reality. Between object and subject there are environments and circumstances. Like in nature there is high pressure and low pressure where there are winds. Our psyche has a bouncing power within the universe. Every thought we create, that thought has to bounce from the infinity in space or beyond space and come back.

That is why the power of obedience is power of the law of the unisoness. That is good for you as a person. You will find God. Yes, you can tell any person there is a God in you, atma. Your atma is God itself and is truth. You can be helped to experience that truth. You can feel elevated and exalted, expanded and universal, giving and forgiving, loving and beyond the senses.

Do sadhana early in the morning and through the mouth say the great praises of God. God should hear you out of love. Nanak says, in the ambrosial hours, if you praise the greatness, your greatness becomes confirmed. You enrich yourself in the morning and it will go through the whole day. Throughout the day you have to face the ocean of psyche of psychoanalysis; people’s projection, wants, demands, negation, positive, ideas and temptation. God knows a million things. How are you going to deal with it? You need energy. You need to preserve energy. That is why folks, we have the seven yards of turban. This was done for the purpose that in the morning your riches, the enrichment of your mental strategy, your focusing of the mind, your brain, your neurological communicative cells, and your fourteen and seven layers, our inter exchange of the hemisphere, must be preserved in one unison. And the twenty-six parts of the skull must not be allowed to move. Your head is fixed from head to feet. Let the whole universe move but a person should not move.

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