The Purpose of Every Finite is to Reach Infinity

Here is an excerpt of this lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on November 5, 1995, in Espanola, New Mexico, USA.

What is the difference a meditating person and an idiot? A meditating person can decide, clear-headed, understands, has infinity of faith, tranquility of decision, understanding of life. Other doesn’t. Other fluctuates. We call them living yo-yos. Neither they make any sense to themselves, neither they make any sense to anybody else. But they are essential part of life. They create drama. They create trauma to test the nerves of a saintly person.

Just you’ll see today what happened in Israel. A man, soldier by nature who knew how to fight, started fighting for peace. They didn’t like him. Against the religious fight a Jew shall not kill a Jew. Now that man has become a super Jew. His order came from God. Direct. He only heard, not anybody else.

Where infinity and loftiness and grace and character and commitment and answering the call and being so-and-so has no limit, insanity being obnoxious, being debauched, being yo-yo has also no limit. World is unlimited. Ek ong kar, the word is truth, there is one creator who created nothing but infinity in every finite. The purpose of every finite to reach infinity. Infinity can be reached so easily, just behave, act and think infinite.

You know what is best in it? When God takes over. There are 7 steps to happiness. You cannot get it without it. First is commitment. Your commitment. Within yourself. Then it comes through a character. When you are a committed being, you will have a character par excellence than anything. You are you, nothing can shift you, nothing can change you, nothing can ask of you, nothing can take of you. Then society will look at you with a trust and dignity. And when you dignify your work with people and touch their heart and uplift their heads and make them walk tall, then you have divinity.

When beyond divinity you go a little further you will have absolutely drop all boundaries and then you will have a grace. Where there’s a grace, like sunshine, there are no barriers. That will give you power to sacrifice and then you will be happy.